Why Do Men and Women Really Want To Cross-Dress?

Why Do Men and Women Really Want To Cross-Dress?

Transvestitism represents acting and dressing differently than you are supposed to as a gender. Although it was defined in the late 1910’s, this transition from genders is not new.

Early research on the subject

Magnus Hirschfeld first named this phenomenon as “transvestitism” (Latin trans-, “across” and vestitus, “dressed”) to refer to the sexual reference in cross-dressing. He used the term to refer to persons who are willingly using clothes of the opposite sex. His group of transvestites that he was studying consisted in both females and males with different sexual orientation (heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual and asexual).

The researcher himself wasn’t happy with the term, and neither the group that was being studied. He believed that clothing was nothing else than an external symbol chosen on the starting point of internal psychological conflicts.

Hirschfeld helped people to receive the very first name changes due to the fact that in Germany legal given names have always been gender specific. He also performed the first reported gender reassignment surgery. In today’s terms, Hirschfeld’s group of transvestites were a diversity of people from the transgender area.


Later on, the group of people referred to as transvestites were not happy with the term and them being associated with gay men and transsexuals so they identified themselves as cross-dressers.

Whenever cross-dressing occurs for erotic purposes for a long period of time of at least six months it is called “transvestic fetishism”. It is said that cross-dressing begins at an early age by dressing up as the opposite sex. Some parents said that they allowed their children cross-dress and that it hasn’t affected them when they became older. You can find sex-bars that suit your cross-dressing pleasures all over Europe.

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