The Best Ways To Do Sexting According To Female Experts

The Best Ways To Do Sexting According To Female Experts

Texting has become one of our main forms of communication which have reached out to our sexual lives as well. It’s no secret, all the cool kids are doing it. It is problematic in the case of actual kids, but nobody can stop them, right? While in the case of adults, it’s a completely normal form of flirting. It can go really well or it can be extremely dull. With so many attention going into it, sexting has become its own art form. It demands creativity and purity of self-expression. With the right tools and knowledge, you can be a pretty exciting sexting partner.

A good tip before we start: don’t send pictures of your erect dick. While you might be really turned on, you can really turn somebody else off with it. So, unless things really get out of hand and the girl asks to see your dick, don’t show it. Neither does the sentence “I’d love to suck your dick” work too well for the ladies.

What is The Proper Way For Sexting?

So, to give you a better framework on how sexting should function, let’s dive into it in more detail.

The first and most important thing in sexting is consent, having your partner agree to some sexy fun. You don’t have to write her a poem, just ask her if it would be okay if you “started talking dirty”. Or bet tell her “You don’t want to know what kind of dirty things go through my mind right now”. That’s a pretty good way to have her asking for it. If she doesn’t respond positively to either of these, sexting is off.

Once the show’s on the road don’t push it until the balls. Take time to do some foreplay and go softly, describing things like how you would kiss them, etc. You don’t have to invent new things, just stick to what you already know. But be sure that too literal once you get the more kinky stuff. It would sound really dense if someone told you, “I am currently taking my skirt off for you”, wouldn’t it? Just be gentle and slow at first, see how things go. Just make sure that you’re on the same page with your partner.

Sexting is a game of language, and an opportunity to creatively express yourself. You can put emphasis and volume where you want it to be. It’s much better to write about dirty things implicitly than explicitly. Implicit is much sexier than explicit. The most important thing is to enjoy it and to be aware of its boundaries. Because what you write can be used against you or to manipulate you. So, the two of you should definitely trust each other. Let things unfold naturally at their own paste. Your partner is probably smart enough to understand a hint if you drop one.

When I’m talking about boundaries I mean other things as well. One is that you shouldn’t be too greedy. Don’t beg to see nudes or boob pictures. It’s also important to know that you make people feel special by taking photos of yourself just for them. Don’t just send the stock photos you look best on.


Just take things slowly and steadily and don’t charge in on your girl right away. Once you’ve established a common ground in sexting, you can take things higher after each message! If you want to know more about the mobile love industry and make yourself into an expert, check this awesome documentary VICE made on the topic!

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