The Mistakes That Can Stop You From Finding The Right Girl in a Sex Bar

The Mistakes That Can Stop You From Finding The Right Girl in a Sex Bar

Nobody’s born to be a pro at anything. Even though finding a sweet girl in a sex bar seems like buying stuff at the supermarket it’s easy to go wrong. At the beginning, all guys think that they will get a quality service anyway. You just have to walk up there and tell them what you need. Right? But think about it. People are really unpredictable sometimes and you’re paying to spend some sexy time with one. If you’re spending money, you’re holding the cards. Which is why you should do the right things to get exactly what you want out of your sessions.

Today, we’re going to look at beginner mistakes that everyone commits. You probably committed them during your first few times or even after your 10th time. But there’s always something new to learn, no matter how experienced you are. So, without further ado, let’s get making your nights a whole lot better.

Mistake Number One – Picking The Wrong Venue

There are numerous types of venues you can go to within the sex industry, which offer different services. Wherever prostitution is legal, you can find blowjob bars, massage saloons, sex bars or go-go girl clubs. Which one you choose, should solely depend on exactly what you’re looking for. Being specific on exactly what you want spares a lot of hassle.

For example, if looks are all that you care about, then find a go-go bar. Girls are always butt naked there and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. As we already know, things can be tricky even if a girl has bikinis on. If you’re looking for a professional blowjob, then hit a blowjob bar. If a Nuru massage is more your thing, you’ll probably get it in a sex bar. But I doubt that the girls there would have the actual skills it takes to get a really good one. Keep in mind that looks can be really deceiving and always seek the highest quality service you want to get.

Mistake Number Two – Lowering Your Standards

This is really important and too often overlooked. Getting drunk and hitting the first sex bar that comes your way isn’t the best strategy. In fact, settling for anything less than the ideal girl isn’t one either. Since you’ll be paying quite a lot of money for your service, it’s only natural that you choose one that fits you the best.

If you go into a massage shop with the exact service you want in mind, that’s good. The receptionist lady will recommend one of the hottest girls or at least some girl. She might not be your type. So, She’ll invite the rest of the crew, which is usually made up of 10+ ladies. You’ll definitely see a lot of skinny girls with nice boobs. Yet maybe not the one who instantly catches your eyes. This situation can make you feel either like a god or just awkward. Having that many girls staring, waiting for the second you finally choose puts a lot of pressure on you. Especially if you’re a bit socially awkward. If you say „no thanks” and just walk out, you might feel like a genuine asshole. But trust me, that is the right thing to do. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than having your dreams fulfilled.

If you’re very polite and politically correct, making the move to walk out can be a bit hard. Especially if you know the girls have lined up just for you. By knowing in advance that you might face this situation, you’ll be able to better handle it. If you don’t find the perfect girl making this move is the right thing to do.

Mistake Number Three – Falling For The Old Trick

This is the scenario similar to the one mentioned in mistake number two. That is when you don’t go to the sex bar right away, but check it out online first. A decent website has profiles of all the girls in their crew. Almost all of these have some seriously mouth-watering pictures which can be quite deceiving. You might find yourself staring at your chosen one in real life, only to see that she’s nothing like what you saw in the pictures. She might have 10 kilos more weight or be not even as hot as she seemed to be. In that case, just say no and move onto the next girl or next venue.

A strategy like this makes them a lot of money. Many guys feel pressure in these situations and don’t say no. Don’t be that guy!

A woman's bottox with a black background.

Mistake Number Four – Not Cutting The Bull#it Soon Enough

You might come across girls who are all nice and charming at first. But once you hand her the money, she’ll show her other face. She might start to complain, be negative or just fill you with plain bad vibes. One of the main reasons a guy goes to sex bar is to not listen to bullshit. So, if you’re feeling even a bit uncomfortable emotionally, just ask for your money back and go. Just be sure to ask for it before you get down to business. You can’t be going for half an hour and say you’ve changed your mind.

Quick Fact: You might find yourself facing a ladyboy during your night out. Here’s a video that helps you spot them before it’s too late:


If you’re going to another country to enjoy a vacation and have some fun, it will cost you plenty of money. After the flight and accommodation costs, you’ll be spending most of your money on girls. Plenty of places hold the risks of scams or plain bad experiences. So, don’t waste any money or time on experiences that you don’t lose 100%.


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