Natural Aphrodisiacs That Help You and Your Partner Have Better Sex

Natural Aphrodisiacs That Help You and Your Partner Have Better Sex

There are numerous foods and drinks that increase libido if you need. They are called aphrodisiacs and their ingredients will put you into the mood of being horny. Let’s see which the most common aphrodisiacs are.You can read more about this topic here.


This is a member of the lily family and sends your sexual desires into great heights.  It was present in the 19. century France where it was served especially for grooms. If you add ginger  your senses will be more stimulated.

Red Wine

If you are a regular red wine drinker, you can enjoy a glass of red wine in a sex bar, of course in the presence of beautiful sexbar girls. As Italian scholars say a glass of red wine everyday will send your libido to the skies.


Banana is rich in potassium and has a phallic shape. This fruit is known all over the world and has a sexually stimulating effect. As an Islamic myth say after Adam and Eve ate the apple, they covered their  genitals with the leaves of banana.


In the ancient Greece basil was honoured for curing headaches. It also helps blood circulation and makes the body warm.


Chocolate truffles give  the intimacy for every tryst when you need to get into your sexy mood as it contains serotonin.


Garlic is used to cure cold and also good for heart diseases.  Although some people thinks it is bad for romantic life, in reality it’s an aphrodisiac that will boost your sex life.


As a legend says eating eggs is good for libido. Its vitamin B5 and B6 content helps to fight with stress and provides good hormone level.


Oyster is high in zinc that improves testosterone and sperm production.  It also contains omega-3, which stops depression and helps to get in a good mood and also raises libido.

Chile peppers

This spice will surely arouse who eats it.  Chile pepper is high in capsaicin, heats up your body and boosts your heart rate.


Almonds are symbol of fertility for their vitamin E content. They are also rich in magnesium and different fibres.  It’s aroma makes it sensually stimulating. Their smell  is considered to increase the desire of women.


Pomegranate juice

It is considered to be the liquid Viagra.  It raises testosterone level up to 30% and it is effective for both men and women.

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