A Guy’s Experiences Inside England’s Sex Prison

A Guy’s Experiences Inside England’s Sex Prison

Nobody’s a stranger to the Idea that people fuck inside a prison. Maybe they are not the most pleasant kind of lays and definitely not the straight ones. But porn videos have managed to make the good ones come to life. The sexy prison guard banging it out with a prisoner is such a stereotypical erotic story. We only knew it as a fantasy, but it turns out to be true in Warwickshire’s HMP Onley. Where Giselle Woodford has resigned from her duties for presumably similar reasons.

She is the fifth female to resign from that prison because she was accused of banging the prisoners. VICE did an interview with an ex-convict who shared the experiences he had in the world’s most sex-obsessed prison. Let’s call him Mat for the sake of his story, as he didn’t want to make his name public.

It Happens Every Week

According to Matt, sex in Onley’s isn’t a rare occurrence. The female guards have a good lay about 2-3 times a week. It’s a pretty standard thing. When a guard comes to like a guy, she’ll have him moved to the enhanced section of the prison. There are three sections, basic, standard and enhanced. The enhanced one comes with the most privileges and the most booty. Women are in and out of the cells all the time. They aren’t afraid to show if they like someone and bang it out with them. People in there fuck as much as they want and even have access to drugs.

Matt said that he even saw two guys banging the same woman. Prisoners would even get numerous blowjobs and other dirty favors too. A lot of times they don’t even know the name of who they’re having sex with.

Even though people have so much sex in there – maybe without even wanting to – nobody can say anything. The chiefs run every block and they do well in making sure that nobody knows about this. They could easily get accused of rape and sentenced to prison. So they keep running the craziest bang prison nice and quiet. It really isn’t something you would expect.

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